CHEN Mingyuan 陈鸣远


"人间珠玉安足取 ,岂如阳羡溪头一丸土。




How many peerless treasures can you take earthly; yet they worth less than a pill of soil from a creek bank in Yangxian.

Don't you see old Lun Bian cut wood into wheel in those days; Ain't you see that Zi Qing's work was made in heaven.

Since ancient times, how many people can have such skills; Mingyuan Mingyuan no one come even close to you.

---- by WANG Wenbo of Kangxi reign of Qing dynasty. Translation by George Wang, Ph.D.

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Drink Puerh with Yixing Clay Teapot/TianQingNi steals a poem from XiTie





Drinking Puerh a cup after another, how many years I need for weight loss?

Tons of money spent, hatred endless obtained.

Smiley, smiley at bamboo, saint, saint of clay teapot.

Sky the limit with an open mind, sound sleep when worry free.

Qing Yixing Zisha Clay Teapot by CHEN Mingyuan 陈鸣远人生壶

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Just confirmed this teapot has a great clay - It got refreshed completely after usage of just one day. Generally speaking, calligraphy is hard to imitate.

Comparison with the one from the book:

Similarity: shape and craftsmanship, clay, calligraphy

Difference: the one from the book has a more detailed handle, and a repaired knob.


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Yixing Zisha Clay Brush Rest marked CHEN Mingyuan 陈鸣远笔搁

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Yixing Zisha Clay Coarse-Grained Teapot marked CHEN Mingyuan 陈鸣远粗砂泥绘花诗文花鸟圆壶

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